100 years of experience with precious metals at your disposal

Tavast is a company at the crossroads of tradition and innovation

Our business revolves around the world of precious metals.

Goldsmith tools

Tools and jewellery materials for goldsmiths, jewellery artists and jewellers

We can provide you with all the traditional tools and the latest cutting-edge technology.

We strive to only sell tools that our master craftsmen use themselves or have approved of.

We also offer you a wide range of materials for making jewellery. The selection includes gold and silver sheets, wires and granules, and solders.

Precious metal recycling

Recycling of gold and silver – the best price on the market

Bring your unused jewellery, dental gold or silverware to us, we will pay you the best price on the market.

By using state-of-the-art RFS technology, we determine the assay grade of the items in your presence.

We reprocess the purchased metals into new sheets, wire and granules, and sell them to jewellery artists to be turned into beautiful new jewellery.

100 years
of experience

Investment metals

Investment gold and silver to diversify your investment portfolio

Gold and other precious metals have always been one of the safest investment options.

They do not lose their value overnight and are tangible even if there is no access to the internet.

Gold is a liquid asset that is easy to sell when needed.

3D technology

3D technology for dentists and jewellery artists

High-quality 3D scanners and printers that make work easier and more efficient.

CNC mills, accessories and materials for various purposes.

Using models made with state-of-the-art technology is easy and convenient.

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