100 Years of Experience With Precious Metals and Goldsmith Tools at Your Disposal

Tavast is a Company at The Crossroads of Tradition and Innovation

Our enterprise is centred on the realm of precious metals.

Goldsmith tools

Essential Tools and Materials for Goldsmiths, Jewellery Designers, and Craftsmen

We offer an extensive selection of traditional goldsmith tools and the latest technological innovations, ensuring you have access to the best resources for your craft.

Our commitment is to supply only those tools that have been personally endorsed or used by our master craftsmen, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Additionally, we provide a comprehensive assortment of materials for jewellery creation, including gold and silver in the form of sheets, wires, and grains, alongside a variety of solders, to cater to all your design needs.

Precious metal recycling

Maximise Returns on Gold and Silver Scrap Recycling - Top Market Prices Guaranteed

Maximise the value of your unused jewellery, dental gold, or silverware by bringing it to us; we guarantee the highest market price for your items.

Utilising cutting-edge XRF technology, we accurately assess the purity of your items right in front of you.

The precious metals we purchase are expertly reprocessed into new sheets, wires, and grain, which we then supply to jewellery artists, enabling the creation of stunning new pieces.

100 Years
of Experience

Investment metals

Enhance Your Portfolio with Investment Gold and Silver

Gold and other precious metals remain among the most secure investments available.

Their value is steadfast, not prone to sudden depreciation, and remains accessible without the need for internet connectivity.

As a highly liquid asset, gold can be readily sold whenever the need arises.

3D technology

Cutting-Edge 3D Technology for Dentists, Dental Technicians, Goldsmiths, and Jewellery Designers

Utilise high-quality 3D scanners and printers to streamline your work and boost efficiency.

Access a range of CNC mills, accessories, and materials tailored for various needs.

Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of using models produced with the latest technological advancements.

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